Sushi is a dish that has gained popularity around the world due to its class, taste and other qualities like low caloricity. The place of origin of sushi is of course Japan, where it is eaten practically every day. Preparing sushi may seem difficult but it is not a complicated task at all. Sushi is very healthy and good for people who want to lose weight, on condition that oily and sweet additives are avoided.

Self-made sushi – how to start?

A very important stage in preparing sushi is to collect the right ingredients that are necessary to create this dish. What should you prepare?

To prepare sushi you will need:

  • rice for sushi

  • nori – algae

  • rice vinegar

  • wasabi

  • marinated ginger

  • soy sauce

Very important are also tools that allow you to make perfect sushi. You will need:

  • bamboo rolling mat

  • sharp knife without teeth

  • a container with water for finger dipping

Of course, depending on your preferences, you should also prepare sushi supplements, such as fish, shrimp, vegetables, cream cheese, tempura or sesame.

What does the preparation of sushi look like?

Before proceeding to roll sushi, cook rice and then combine it with a sauce based on sugar and rice vinegar. After the rice has cooled down, you can start work!

Place a bamboo mat wrapped in food foil on the table with a nori leaf on it. The rice should be spread thinly on the algae. Then you need to apply selected ingredients and additives. The next task is to roll sushi, which later should be cut into pieces. The dish prepared in this way is served with the addition of wasabi and ginger. Do not forget about soy sauce, dipping sushi – place the sauce in a small bowl.

That’s all! Simple, right?

The basis of this dish are fish, rice, as well as additions that make sushi always taste great!

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