Greek cuisine, derived from sunny Greek mainland, as well as the beautiful Greek islands, combines amazing flavors and aromas. This cuisine is popular all over the world, although as you know all dishes included in it, nowhere taste as good as in Greece. We present the most popular Greek dishes that have a rich history as well as excellent taste.

Mousaka – the queen of Greek dishes

One of the most popular dishes from Greece is Mousaka – a dish also known as a Greek casserole. This dish consists of eggplant and potato slices arranged successively, with the addition of ground minced meat. At the top of the dish there is a thick layer of b├ęchamel sauce that makes Mousaka creamy and incredibly delicious. This dish is consumed practically all over Greece, and its taste is unheated.

Greek salad – otherwise a village salad

Although for us, tourists, the Greek salad seems to be something very exotic, it is simply an ordinary village salad for native Greeks. The combination of different products creates a nutritious, fresh and healthy salad. It consists of vegetables ripening in the sun, such as: tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers and of course olives – both black and green olives. The culmination is a few drops of real oil and a slice of feta cheese. In some regions of Greece, a few leaves of lettuce are also added to the salads.

Souvlaki – snack and dish in one

Another popular dish in all of Greece is Souvlaki, which is a nutritious and tasty snack. The word Souvlaki simply means “skewers”. This is well known pork meat, which is grilled on special sticks. Such skewers are placed in a dough called “pita”, and then vegetables such as onions, peppers or tomatoes are added to them.

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